Born on Friday the 13th to the Queen of Fun and an Einstein look-alike, Bill Blansett was destined for a life of energetic playfulness. With Bill, hiking trails lead to unknown mysteries, a single image can illuminate an entire life story, and work projects become year long roadtrips full of team destinations.

Approaching life as a Chief Adventure Finder, Bill spreads the joy of creativity, innovation, and play through the surprises, magical moments, thrills, and stories of day-to-day life. Uniquely skilled in the art of joy-sharing and compassionate connecting, Bill brings a wealth of experience and excitement to all of his work.

Professional positions held by Bill include wedding DJ, radio and sports team mascots, Wienermobile Hotdogger, mechanical bull operator, instructional designer, IT analyst, and leadership as the Director of Advisor Experience. Through these positions, Bill has learned how to quickly connect with colleagues and leaders and was recognized for his quiet confidence, calm demeanor, and creative spirit. Equally comfortable in cross-functional executive meetings or one-on-one with customers, Bill thrives on efficient decision making enabled by open communication and playful spaces.

Born in the Pittsburgh area, Bill spent his childhood in the outdoors riding his bicycle and playing explorer on the family’s property. After graduating from Penn State University, Bill lived in Madison, WI for 10 years where he continued biking, expressing his adventurous spirit through photography, pondering ways to share joy, and enjoying the daily parade of life. He has also spent considerable amounts of time in Sacramento, Phoenix, Baltimore, Boston, and Hartford completing work assignments in each location. Bill recently returned to the Pittsburgh area to engage, connect, and be inspired with the creativity community.