You’ve navigated to my website, and I’m glad you’re here. That’s me tap dancing at a subway stop in Chicago. I’m a pretty lucky guy who has had some unique experiences like zip-lining as a duck mascot, turning-around a previously challenged software system implementation, and being the first driver of a one-of-a-kind, world-recognized, branding vehicle. 

How did it all start? I think it had something to do with being born on Friday the 13th to the Queen of Fun and an Einstein/Twain mashup. I was destined for a life of energetic playfulness and thoughtful communication. As a result, I’ve discovered that hiking trails can lead to unknown mysteries, a single image can illuminate an entire life story, and work projects can become year long roadtrips full of team building destinations, interests, and activities.

My adventurous outlook coupled with a desire to be effective has given me a strong work ethic that has been noted since entering the workforce at age 13. Since then, I’ve held professional positions including kayak and sailboat salesman, wedding DJ, Wienermobile Hotdogger, instructional designer, IT analyst, and customer experience director. Through these positions, I’ve learned how to quickly connect with colleagues and leaders and was recognized for my quiet confidence and creative spirit. Equally comfortable in cross-functional executive meetings or one-on-one with customers, I thrive on efficient decision making enabled by open communication and playful spaces.

The pages below review my experience and provide some specific examples of what was accomplished. I hope that you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed doing them. I look forward to connecting with you about you and your experiences.