The approach of traditional career models is to help people defend against problems. The implicit assumption is a notion of work as a means of defending against the problems of poverty, ridicule, boredom, and the like. A problem-solving approach to work puts us in a defensive posture, from which we hope for escape— ultimately, from work itself. (Defending, after all, is a rather tiresome business.) 

Since work is something we are forced to do to solve our problems, the implication is that no problems equals no work. So, many dream of winning the lottery and “solving all their problems” and not “having to” work.

Our approach is to assist people in creating their life's work, their full self-expression. We view work, not as a means of achieving freedom from problems, but as the vehicle for expressing the freedom to create.

Creating your life's work is not solving the occupation problem. 

It is the art of creative living. From this perspective, you are not a problem, but a creative, living being. Work is not a problem, but a natural, ongoing, creative process. We are not interested in coming up with a good solution to the career problem, but in the full creative expression of the individual.

- Laurence G. Boldt