It is less important that we change the minds of others than that we have the courage to put our sacred vision into practice. Those who are caught up in the commodity world view will probably remain unconvinced, at least in the near term.

They may try to involve you in “proving” the viability of your vision, or discount it as unrealistic or even simple-minded. Remember, from a commodity world view, economic profit is what is real and valuable. All other values are secondary, even superfluous: “It's nice to do good, but what REALLY matters is the bottom line.”

The commodity world view is not fundamentally interested in what is right or necessary, valuable or serving, beautiful or wise, but in what will sell. It's important facts are dollar signs and profit potentials, and often only short-term ones at that. Other facts may not register through the filter of the commodity metaphysic.

- Laurence G. Boldt