Customer Experience and Training Leader 


Insurance & Investment Services
Wealth Management had been a completely foreign industry to me and proved to be an exciting learning opportunity both professionally and personally. I worked with financial advisors that served credit unions, and I had to become fluent in their language, systems, and needs. What started out as technical training quickly grew into leadership, and after 2 years, I was promoted to the position of Director of Advisor Experience. My responsibilities grew from creating eLearnings and delivering software training to being the voice of our customer - financial advisors.

Some of my specific accountabilities included:

  • Channeling the voice of the business and its financial advisors in the development of a roadmap for efficient account opening and client reporting.
  • Prioritizing user-requests and vendor-enhancements with an understanding of interrelated complexities.
  • Coordinating with technical partners to identify and resolve data architecture and data integrity issues.
  • Strategizing with partners to ensure supporting communication, marketing, and training plans aligned with the enhancement roadmap.
  • Collaborating with the VP of Marketing on determination of appropriate partner for large-scale customer segmentation, journey mapping, and experience prioritization.
  • Systems used:, Pershing, & Broadridge

Healthcare IT & Electronic Medical Records
When a trauma patient arrives in the ER and requires a cardiac cath as a result of heart attack, cardiologists and nurses don't want to be thinking about software. Preparing these users and supporting their system use under pressure are skills I honed while assisting radiology and cardiology departments across the country. My introduction to the healthcare industry came as a result of working at the headquarters of Epic Systems, the leading electronic medical record provider. 

After training system analysts and hospital administrators on application build, I transitioned to serving individual healthcare organizations as an instructor designer and classroom trainer so that I could take a more active role helping care providers. My services included workflow analysis, training material creation, mock system environment build, learner assessments, classroom training, and go-live support.

I often joined a project after an abrupt resource departure and have developed a method for documenting and tracking progress during the critical crunch-time prior to go-live. My contribution to and organization of these projects is frequently noted, and I’m proud of my ability to present confidently even when there could be uncertainty behind the scenes. 

I've worked with the following healthcare organizations:

  • Sutter Health - Sacremento, CA
  • Maricopa Integrated Health System - Phoenix, AZ
  • Resurection HealthCare (now Presence Health) - Chicago, IL
  • Univeristy of Maryland Medical System - Baltimore, MD
  • Partners HealthCare - Boston, MA
  • Hartford HealthCare - Hartford, CT
  • Northwestern Medicine/Kishwaukee Hospital - DeKalb, IL

"We are so fortunate to have had Bill join our team. Bill is professional, prompt, well-organized and has been an invaluable addition to the training team." 

- Training Team Manager