Justin Whittington


Never having been a fan of small, crowded spaces… 33 years ago Justin decided his birthday would occur 3 months earlier than planned! He joined the rest of the air-breathers weighing in at just two pounds, but had tenacity and drive that have carried him onward. He was raised by a family who knew how to blend love and humor seamlessly, and can thank his Grandpa for his quick-wit and his mom for his uncontainable laughter! Even to this day, his silliness often spills over from daytime to bedtime making settling down a little difficult (but fun!)

Justin was born in Louisiana and eventually made his way to Juneau, Alaska which is where he found his “home”. Aside from getting his education “in books” Justin learned more about life than anything else. Working for a Helicopter Glacier Tour company, in Nursing in the ICU, and as a Flight Attendant flying turns on a cargo plane in the arctic circle he certainly saw his fair share of “ways of life” in Alaska. Most importantly he learned how to find JOY in the simplest of moments and smallest of things. He spent a lot of time in the outdoors, camping, rock-climbing, connecting with others, making long-lasting friendships! He learned that everything is easier when we truly take care of one another as a community, and that life is MOST enjoyable when we share that JOY and compassion. One of Justin’s goals here at a Playful Place is to capture and share those moments we find along the way, and engage in dialogue for how to find more of those in any lifestyle one may lead! There’s FUN to be had, BEAUTY to be seen, LOVE to be given and received and JOY to be shared in moments and spaces we could never have imagined!

Justin currently works for a Major Airline as a Flight Attendant which allows him to connect with so many wonderful people! Some of his other roles involve Peer therapy/Incident Response, Curriculum Development, and Training/Facilitation. He LOVES his job because he gets to use almost all of the facets of his personality to foster engagement and successful learning as well as promoting self-confidence and team-work! He is also an accomplished marathoner, off-road relay runner, and trapeze aerialist! Heights is certainly not a fear of his and if he had a Super-Power is would be the ability to fly! For now you might just see him wearing Super-Hero undies over his pants… OR on his head :-)  

Always a nomad; Justin attended nine different schools growing up, and has lived in 24 spaces, but Chicago has been home now for 12 years. He currently shares some amazing living space with another trapeze aerialist/friend and with his partner in PLAYfulness, Bill :-)