Justin and Bill

Some people are meant to meet each other just to provide relief to the rest of the world. Justin and Bill could fit into that category as their drive from activity to activity and busy days could tire even the happiest of squirrels. With their fascination for hot air balloons, trapeze artistry, forest and city exploring, country line dancing, marathon running, job changing, and constant travelling, their life could be mistaken for a circus. They juggle more balls than most…

The story of how Justin and Bill connected begins in the early days of 2016 and through the modern marvel of online dating. Though there was distance (Bill was living in Madison; Justin in Chicago), an instant chemistry developed as they made their initial encounters. First an online message, then a FaceTime date, and finally a Pajama Party all within the first week! At the time, three hours separated these smitten lovebirds, and they knew ongoing digital dates wouldn’t cut it. Bill had an obligation to DJ a two-stepping event in Madison and only had a late Friday night available. Although it was risky, they both agreed that a pajama party was a legitimate way to spend time together under such constraints; but then again, who wouldn’t?!?

Needless to say, the pajama party was a success, and all that pillow talk laid a solid yet playful foundation to build and continue building a strong relationship on. Since that time, Justin and Bill have managed to spend the vast majority of weekends together sharing interests, hobbies, and adventures.

It is through those adventures that Justin and Bill both noticed they had a knack for finding joy in just about any circumstance. Knowing that joy is contagious, they started to ponder ways to share their playful spirits and joyful experiences. “Two Happy Men” and “Re-Elated and It Feels so Good,” are two examples of early ideas before they settled on A Playful Place.

You are invited to play along and participate in the adventures that lay ahead. There’s no telling what could be in the future, and anything that starts with a pajama party is a sure-fire indicator of many good things to come.