Song and Dance Man


Oscar Mayer Hotdogger
“If ever there was a weenie born, it was you!”
- The Queen of Fun

I've frequently been referred to as a salesman with nothing to sell but smiles, and what better way is there to spread miles of smiles than on the hotdog highways of America in the 27 ft. Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? 

I became an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger immediately after college and proudly graduated from Hot Dog High with Class 19 earning the name, "Big Dog Bill." While haulin’ buns, I visited 38 states, gave out 1000s of Wiener Whistles, drove in the US’s oldest Fourth of July parade, and created local media buzz with the PR agency on wheels.

Because one year of hotdogging is never enough, I returned to Oscar Mayer for a truly once in history experience - the launch of the MINI Wienermobile, a MINI Cooper turned into a hotdog on wheels. This second tour started with three months traveling in a semi-truck that was converted into one frank-tastic showcase. It had a kitchen, a movie theater, and a mirrored wall vehicle showroom. After the top secret, “Something Big is Coming” tour, I got to be the very first MINI Wienermobile Hotdogger participating in its reveal on Good Morning America and in The New York Times.

"A Rockstar Hotdogger"

- Director of Mobile Marketing


DJ and Mascot
While organizing high school pep rallies, I realized I had a knack for entertaining and engaging crowds. This led to my 'first business,' Impressive Phrequencies, a DJ service for high school dances and graduation parties. I continued DJ’ing into college, and a few years later, became one of the most requested wedding DJs at a local company in State College, PA. 

Through the local DJ network, I was able to connect with radio stations and soon found myself filling in for weekend and evening shifts on the region’s top 40 station, Beaver 103. The station also had a mascot: Bucky, and I had the unique experience of bringing Bucky to life at events ranging from snowtubing to car lot sales to racing the Nittany Lion in Beaver Stadium.

Mascotting quickly became a way for me to spread smiles across town. Wowy 97.7, a sister station to Beaver 103, used Hootie the Owl to animate their events. I even decided to dance in the streets as an oversized owl during the concurrent time of my college graduation.

As is frequently said, life skills need practice and renewal, and I found himself pushing my mascotting limits a few years later as Maynard the Mallard of Madison Wisconsin’s summer league baseball team. Maynard ziplines from the top of a telephone pole on the first base foul line all the way to home plate. While it took a number of practice runs, I discovered myself thinking, “Who says turkeys can't fly!”


"I get nothing but positive comments from all of Bill’s clients regarding not only performance, but his approachable and friendly demeanor as well."

- DJ Manager