Whether taking a flying trapeze class or subtly challenging corporate culture in a garishly bright shirt, there are few days where I'm not experiencing, creating, or sharing an adventure. With my friendly demeanor and approachability, my adventures invite community involvement rather than personal celebration; for there are few things as sacred as a wedding - or as unifying as the Electric Slide…


Ordained by the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, I was honored to preside over the wedding of two of Baton Rouge’s finest citizens: Sarah & Eric. Personalizing the ceremony to the bride’s and groom’s preferences was a fun journey for all of us and included many laughable moments inspired by their request for references to The Princess Bride! “...and wuv, true wuv, will follow you forever!”


Mechanical Bull Operator
While working for a DJ company, I was asked to help the organization explore additional revenue sources...from mechanical bull rides! “Thunder” and I traveled to local carnivals and bars providing wild rides and giving out Bucking Bullshirts. It was with Thunder that I earned the nickname "Wild Bill," and it has resurfaced many times throughout the years.


Fun Shirt Friday
While traveling around the country, I would stay busy by treasure hunting for unique and colorful shirts. However, after leaving the road, those shirts could have just collected dust. To help bring a little color and fun to the office, I started Fun Shirt Friday at a number of employers. Although I'm frequently the only participant, that doesn't make it any less of a thing. 


Line Dancing
There are few expressions of joy as widespread or universal as dancing. Dancing crosses cultures, ages, and lines...even when the lines are defined and synchronized. I joined the Dairyland Cowboys and Cowgirls and shortly later purchased my first cowboy boots. Dancing the “Tush Push” to “Renegade Switch” and waltzes to 2-steps, I try to embody the motto of, “When in doubt, twirl!”


"Your attitude is contagious, Bill!"

- Guestbook comment after a short airplane encounter