While between contracts, it can be a little easy to lose track of which day it is. It’s a unique luxury that I get to have right now, and I’m very grateful for it. With that in mind, it’s Friday and Justin and I have planned a little date night. After reviewing a couple articles on restaurants in the South Loop, I settled on Mercat Chicago and made reservations for tonight. The menu looks pretty tasty, and the site lists the city of Barcelona as an influence. Since Barcelona is a favorite place for both of us, hopefully it will bring back some memories as well as provide some good eats.

After dinner we’re headed to see the movie Sully. Justin has already seen it once and was expecting to see it at least a second time. I’m looking forward to watching it from an entertainment perspective and am now excited to have the added benefit of talking to an airline industry expert afterwards. There are so many amazing things I’ve learned about the industry just in general conversation. Being able to see this together will just continue to add to it. 

Now that’s just the details of the evening. The best part of it all already happened last night when we were reviewing the plan. Justin and I were both excited about having a date night, and then Justin said, “You know, every night feels like date night!” And it’s so true. Whether its because this is the first month when our time together hasn’t been interrupted by work travel, or because everything in Chicago is new to me, or just because we’re easily excited dudes - it sure feels great!

…and that’s some joy I’d sure like to share!