I write this on Thursday, September 29. Friday, September 2 was my (Bill) last day working in Connecticut. It has been four weeks since I left! I find that mind-boggling. In some ways, it feels like that time could be just a few days ago. In other ways, it seems like it could be triple or even longer than that timeframe. 

It was planned that I would take a few weeks off between assignments, and that means not only has it been 4 weeks since I left Connecticut - but I haven’t had ‘official employment’ to report to for four weeks also. How can it be that I haven’t made a post since July 15th? Life is busy. I made it a goal for today to not leave the apartment and have a ‘down day’ for the first time in a long time. It’s almost 5 PM, and I haven’t left yet. I’ll call it a success...and I’m posting. Double whammy!

It seems like an obligatory type of thing to start a website that is to contain frequent updates and then go multiple months without updating. I think this lapse will be the first of many and will be offset by times of overly frequent posts. Having the Instagram feed is really quite nice as it allows for quick updates on the fly. I haven’t used that feature on past sites and am really enjoying it. 

What’s been going on in the last four weeks since leaving Connecticut? Walking. Lots of walking. And Thinking. Lots of thinking. I’ve found I am quite content walking around the city and stumbling on new things or just watching people. “Parade watching” has been a fantastic way to spend days with less formal agendas. 

...and thinking. My thoughts have been ruminating around this site and continuing to move things along. I expect that I will make a post more targeted on some of the unique challenges or mind/creative blocks that come up in this whole process. With all that said, I am still quite excited about A Playful Place and what Justin and I have going on. I wish it was possible to capture the playful energy that we exchange between each other more succinctly. Perhaps with time, more of that can be shared as this venture creates itself into the future.

With all that being said, there’s also been a lot of travel and small activity happening as well. In the past four weeks, I’ve been to Crickfest, completed my first & second mountain bike rides of the season, explored Pittsburgh with Justin, had winter tires put on my car, had 1 hr turn into 3.5 hours at IKEA, dressed up like a professor for a Wisconsin Supper Club night, went to the Willy St. Parade, and walked Chicago with a great friend, Jill, visiting from Idaho. 

Highlight photos are below and additional more detailed posts anticipated shortly. Thank you for staying tuned in.