Travel is a funny thing, to some it's out of reach.... something you save for and look forward to for years. To others, it's part of their journey, moving about, "tasing life" if-you-will... seeing different places until perhaps you settle for a bit in a place that suits you best. For some still the idea of travel fulfills the dream of "backpacking through Europe" which maybe has become romanticized... but evokes this idea of self-discovery at a time when you're becoming an adult. Maybe one travels to see family, it's exciting because of the reason, but less for the journey itself... and then there are those who travel as a job, or for work itself. We go to and from our jobs. It is usually just a part of our day, not at all unlike taking the subway or a bus. 

These past two weeks I have engaged in all of these types of travel in some way and what I love is that I haven't lost sight of the most beautiful of them. When something becomes mundane it looses it's shimmer, and sometimes that's "travel" for me... especially air travel, given my job. However, I still try to find the moments for myself where it's thrilling, whether it's in someone else's experience or my own. 

Bill and I  live in Chicago, but he and I go back and forth to Hartford (where he works) on a plane, so I know I look forward to his flight landing, and my flight arriving, every other week. There's such anticipation as the plane's nose lowers. I know we're getting close and I get butterflies in my stomach.

This month I worked a 2-day trip to Boston, then worked a single day Military Charter to Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, and Chicago. That was interesting because while it was work for me, I was well aware I was bringing young soldiers to a training exercise they may have had mixed feelings about. Travel to them is certainly not always fun, but on the plane they were certainly relaxed as most fell asleep immediately and skipped their meals. 

Then Bill flew home to Chicago for the weekend and Monday we both boarded planes for work, him flying to Hartford and me to Dallas. Yesterday I flew back home and I'll anxiously await the arrival of his flight from Hartford Thursday evening!

Here are Bill and I's flights for the past three weeks. #ontheGo! #homeiswhereWEare

Here are Bill and I's flights for the past three weeks. #ontheGo! #homeiswhereWEare

In October we will take that European journey (backpacks and all) and fly across the pond to Ireland, Denmark, and Germany! One of those (save for it, plan it, dream about it, do it!) trips! We are both thrilled, and personally I need to spend a little more time researching it and thinking about it all... aka, slowing down!

In the end I'm glad I get the chance to experience travel from all angles and I try to remember that it comes in ebbs and flows. 

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks I wanted to share as well!