WHAT a memorable 4th of July!!! ... and also 1st-2nd and 3rd! 

Bill flew into Chicago on Thursday, June 30th which gave us a nice long weekend to find and make some adventures and in typical fashion we wore ourselves out exploring the city and having fun with friends!

Friday morning started with an early 8.5mile run North along the lake to the trapeze school. As we ran the weather went from gloomy to great and we ended up with a sunny day! 

Once we arrived at the rig, I taught a 2hour trapeze class in the sun!

With it being a long run, we of course stopped along the way for water etc and snapped this fun pic of a line of DIVY bikes!

After class we had lunch and decided to walk home through the city. We stumbled upon the Lincoln Park Conservancy | Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool which I had seen but never explored or formally knew much about. Lucky for us they were giving tours! The Docent was eager to share his knowledge so Bill and I soon found ourselves enveloped in this amazing oasis of peace; completely enveloped in prairie grasses, unique trees, and small stone waterfalls... you forget the city is even there!

The tour was a wonderful surprise! By the time we got home though we were feeling the miles we'd put on our legs... some 18 MILES! We ended up making dinner and enjoying an incredible sunset on the balcony!