While reflecting on bright colors and trail blazes, I ended up thinking about what we’re doing at A Playful Place - or rather what the intentions are: to add a little playful energy into the greater dialogue. With all the confrontations, strong voices, and easy access to social microphones, there’s an easy opportunity to end up seeing things as winners and losers rather than playmates. We’re in a cultural space where we ‘stand our ground’ rather than ‘break our bread.’

In these early stages, there’s a lot of excitement and a lot of apprehension. I recently had the chance to describe what I ‘want to do.’ It was a completely open question and the questioner doesn’t know about A Playful Place. I ended up saying something to the effect of, “I’d like to encourage people to engage with their creative dreams and add a little more playful energy into the world.” To which, the questioner said it sounded pretty good.

However, what does it look like? It might sound alright...but what does it look like? Well, we’re starting. There has to be starting point, and we can mark it as the present. Right now, we’re sharing joy through storytelling and imagery. We’ll just have to see how the rest evolves… perhaps workshop playdates, photography, t-shirts, or kids books...it's all fair game.   :)

Which this also reminds me of a time I participated in a ‘values’ exercise for the big insurance company I was working for. 15 or so of us were sitting around a conference room and independently had to rate our top values. I think there were 40 values that were listed, and fortunately there was an open space for a write-in because playful wasn’t even on the list! Needless to say,  it was a write-in for me and went right to my #1 spot. 

Trailblazing or not - at least we’re having fun.