After a great date night, I was thinking nothing could happen for the rest of the weekend, and I would still consider it a success. However, things got even better when Saturday morning rolled around, and I realized there was an opportunity to support a friend that was going to be running a marathon in Milwaukee. (One of the great things I’ve learned about being in Chicago is you can get to a number of places in a very reasonable drive - Milwaukee is under 1.5 hrs.) 

Bill C. has been training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon for a few months. Awhile ago, Justin and I contemplated heading up to be spectators, and then it fell off our radar. Justin ended up having to work Saturday-Sunday and was out of town. Since I had nothing planned Sunday morning, I made a rather impromptu decision to drive up Sunday morning. I checked in with Bill’s husband, Brenton, to see if that would work, and it all aligned.

Fortunately, Justin and I still had Saturday afternoon before he would have to head to work, and we decided to make some race banners for Bill. It’s a pretty clear sign that you’re in a playful place when you can paint banners for friends without even having to leave to gather they included glitter…

The adventure to Milwaukee was quite fun. The drive went by quickly. The fall temperatures and gentle mist seemed like to no big deal as Brenton and I waited to see Bill. Our first sighting was near mile 14, Bill took a quick detour to say hello and thank me for coming. (We kept it a surprise.) Although it was a brief chat, Bill did say, “I guess I’m not going to win now!” I’d say he was in good spirits.

We also saw Bill at mile 20 and at the finish of 26 miles. Each time he was smiling and looking strong. Congratulations, Bill!!!

Back at home,I was thinking about the day and anticipating Justin’s return after a long work day. (He wouldn’t return home until 11 PM.) I had the fun idea to make tiny banners to welcome Justin home just like we used to cheer Bill along the course. The Boys - Joseph, Arthur, Oscar, and I - all held little signs…

Dates, crafts, road trips, friends, more crafts, surprises, and many smiles. That’s my kind of weekend!