A Playful Place


A Playful Place is a collaborative effort of Justin Whittington and Bill Blansett to integrate playful energy and joy into the interactions of day-to-day life. At a time when conflict and individualism tend to be ever present in the media and on social networks, their intention is to share adventures and interactions that highlight the collective emotions and experiences that unite us. With their frequent travels, adventurous spirits, silly antics, and creative storytelling, A Playful Place is a platform to share and inspire the joy that Justin and Bill feel every day.

World domination, a joyful revolution, or a million dollar brand are not part of the 5, 10, or 15 year plan of A Playful Place. In fact, if you were to ask Justin or Bill, they would likely indicate that their goal has already been attained. They have created a platform to share - to demonstrate that playfulness and joy are an important part of experiencing life, making decisions, and building community.

There are thoughts about how A Playful Place could evolve over time to create a more hands-on and connection-making experience. Some of these ideas include:

An Art Fair Booth & Online Shop

Bridging the gap between the online and retail space, A Playful Place art booth would take our visual imagery and art to the streets through local, short-term events. In addition to sharing and displaying our physical art, these events would enable discussions about creativity and the playful spirit with fellow artists and event visitors.

A Travel Series

A long time career dream of Bill’s has been to host a travel show focused on local stories and personal passions. With a backdrop of unique locations - or local art events - the series would aim to build bridges and community through storytelling and shared experiences.

A Bed’n Breakfast

A Playful Place bed’n breakfast would create a unique space for guests to participate in a playful and joyful environment. Like a retreat center, the BnB would offer an opportunity to engage with creative ideas that have not been prioritized in day-to-day living.

A Creativity Club

The fitness club industry is an 80+ billion dollar global industry. On average, Americans pay $58/month to maintain their physical bodies. A Playful Place creativity club extends this model to a focused effort to engage the creative body and talents. It's a place to connect with others and collaborate on personal passions and expression, to express through the arts with shared supplies, workspaces, and skills, and to engage on challenges that are facing a particular community.

In the meantime, A Playful Place will continue to share joy through the daily fun of Bill and Justin and contributors to the site. Stay tuned and stay playful.